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What is a parent and child center?


A parent and child center (in other countries called mother center) are self-managed public spaces in the neighborhood, where parents and their children meet on a daily basis.The atmoshere is informal. Mother centers are based on participation. Their motto is that "everybody is good in at least one thing - that they can contribute.

Children can play in an adequate space and make social contacts with other children.

Adults can exchange knowledge. They receive personal support, take courses and trainings.

Childcare is offered on a drop-in basis during the opening hours of the center.

In the baby corner babies can be changed or feeded.

Also grandparents are welcome.

The "Elki" second hand shops are the social highlight.

In South Tyrol you can find parents and child centers in:
Auer, Brixen, Bruneck, Bozen, Eppan, Jenesien,Klausen, Lana, Leifers - Branzoll, Meran, Neumarkt, Olang, Sarnthein, Sterzing, Tramin.

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